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Whether you are thinking of learning to fly or just looking for a unique gift for that someone special, then Heli-Jet Aviation has the perfect solution.

Trial Lesson

Take to the skies in one of our training helicopters! Enjoy the thrill of flying the helicopter around the local area and trying your hand at the ultimate challenge of hovering! Accompanied by one of our experienced flight instructors it is the perfect gift for those who want a one-off thrill, but it is also first lesson towards training to become a pilot. Prior to flight a full briefing is given in our helicopter simulator to explain the three main controls, then it’s time to get airborne where you will put into practice the theory!

Upon arrival at the heliport you will meet your experienced instructor that will guide you through your first experience behind the controls of a real helicopter. Before flight you will be receive a 10 to 15min briefing in the static simulator on the function of the controls and of course safety during your flight. After the briefing is complete its time for your flight you will be taken out to the aircraft where you will seated and buckled up in the helicopter. Your instructor will start the engine and carry out the pre-flight checks for you. Once these are complete its time for your first sensation of flight in a helicopter, sit back and relax and enjoy the view for the first few minutes while you get used to being in the helicopter. When ready you will be invited to make a start on the controls, usually one at a time until you feel comfortable enough to take full control. During the flight you will be shown climbing and descending, turns and maybe even autorotation (The helicopter’s form of gliding). You will spend between 20 and 25 minutes (for the 30 minute flight) in forward flight before returning to the helipad where you will be given the opportunity to take up the ultimate challenge, the hover!! Hovering is what makes helicopters unique and it’s a unique skill that takes a lot of coordination and practice!! How will you do?

After your flight is complete you will receive a certificate to prove you have taken up the challenge of flying a helicopter, This activity is suitable for people of ages 14 years plus. Trial lessons are run six days a week (not on Fridays) and gift vouchers are available which are valid for 6 months.

Hover Challenge

Anyone who has ever dreamed of helicopter flight can try their hand at it, courtesy of a helicopter hover challenge experience in a Robinson R22.

On arrival at Leeds Heliport you will meet your instructor who will talk you through the helicopter’s controls and what to expect when flying a helicopter for the first time. Once budding pilots are feeling confident, you’ll be taken to the helicopter, given a safety briefing, buckled up and the engine will be started and its lift off.

After the instructor has taken off in the Robinson R22, you will take the controls for a flight lasting around 15 minutes, during which you will attempt to complete the hover challenge within the hover training area at Leeds Heliport. Hovering is a real fine art and one of the most challenging aspects of helicopter flying, how will you fare?

Finally, you will be flown back to the helipad, before being presented with a certificate of your achievements!

The Hover Challenge is also a great option for corporate days or group bookings.

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Robinson R22 Hover Challenge, Robinson R22 Trial Lesson (30 Minutes), Robinson R22 Trial Lesson (60 Minutes), Robinson R44 Trial Lesson (30 Minutes), Robinson R44 Trial Lesson (60 Minutes)

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